Code of Conduct

NWCC Learning Resource Centers are committed to providing an educational environment conducive to learning for all. Students play a critical role in creating this environment. Respect the rights of others while using library resources. The library is a place for quiet study and research. Any behavior that disrupts other people is not appropriate.

  • A quiet policy is observed throughout all the library buildings of Northwest. The purpose is to provide suitable environments for individual or group study, research, and public service activities. Cooperation with this policy acknowledges and supports the need for a quiet place on campus. Set cell phones to vibrate while in the library. Answer calls outside the library or while walking out. Also, turn headphones down so that others will not hear the music.
  • A certain amount of noise is expected at all service desks where library staff often interact with students. Otherwise, both staff and library users are expected to minimize noise by keeping conversations quiet.
  • Students must present a current student ID to use computers or check out material.
  • Students who access social media/gaming will be monitored. If a demand for school-related work becomes apparent the librarian will ask for social media/gaming to cease. Anyone who misuses library computers/laptops may be referred for disciplinary action.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the library.

The library staff rights include the right to ask students to conform to the above guidelines, to inspect any backpacks, to request a student ID, and to ask a student to leave.

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