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General Library Policies
Identification Cards
Student Identification cards must be presented for checking out library materials and for using computers in the learning resource centers. Students are totally responsible for items checked out in his or her name. It is a violation of college policy to possess or use another person’s ID card.

Book Return

A book drop is located at the entrance to the Oxford and Senatobia libraries. These drops are available for after hour use.

Closing Time

The library closes promptly at stated hours (see listed hours for individual campuses). Patrons in the library should complete their work so that they can leave at scheduled closing times. Closing is not the time to begin collecting information.

Conduct in the Library

NWCC Learning Resources Centers are committed to providing an educational environment that is conducive to learning for all. Students play a critical role in creating this environment.
Respect the rights of others while using library resources. The library is a place for quiet study and research. Any behavior that disrupts other people is not appropriate.A quiet policy is in place throughout all the library buildings of Northwest. The purpose is to provide suitable environments for individual or group study, research, and public service activities. Cooperation with this policy acknowledges and supports the need for a quiet place on campus.  Set cell phones to vibrate while in the library. Answer calls outside the library or while walking out.   Also, turn headphones down so that others will not hear the music. A certain amount of noise is expected at all service desks where library staff often interacts with students. Otherwise, both staff and library users are expected to minimize noise by keeping conversations quiet.Students must present a current student ID to use computers or check out material.

Students who access social media/gaming will be monitored. If a demand for school-related work becomes apparent the librarian will ask for social media/gaming to cease. Anyone who misuses library computers/laptops may be referred for disciplinary action.

No food or drink is allowed in the library.

The library staff rights include the right to ask students to conform to the above guidelines, to request a student’s ID card and to ask a student to leave the library.

Access for the Disabled

The library staff recognizes the rights and needs of people with disabilities to equal access to library materials. Visually or physically disabled students who have difficulty obtaining materials from shelves should feel free to ask for assistance from the library staff. Check with the staff for specific accommodations in each of the learning resource centers.

Copy Machines

Each of the learning resource centers has copy machines available for student use—some are coin operated. Students are expected to do their own copying and to notify the staff if a machine is not functioning properly.
NOTICE: The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies of copyrighted materials. The user of the copy machine is liable for any infringement.

Intralibrary Loans

The three Northwest libraries share a common catalog. Books which are located at another branch of the college will be sent to a requesting student’s local branch. The student needs to make this request with the circulation staff and allow 2-3 days for the book to be transferred.

Lost and Found

For personal belongings lost in the library, inquire at the circulation desk. Valuables are submitted to the Security Office.

Orientation to the Library

Orientation to the library and its services is offered. Individualized assistance is offered to any person needing it.

Study Areas

With the exception of the periodicals area, the library has been designated as an individual study area. No noise of any sort is permitted in the individual study areas. Groups sitting together and talking in these areas will be required to move. Groups may sit together and speak in low tones in the periodicals area, as long as they do not disturb others in the area. The librarian is the final judge in such cases.

Other Regulations

The library reserves the right to inspect any packages leaving the library.
Since a mis-shelved book is a lost book, students are asked not to reshelve materials, but to place them on tables or return them to the circulation desk.
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Check Out Procedures
General Collection
Books in the library’s general collection may be borrowed for two weeks, and renewed for an additional two-week period. A student must present his current ID card when checking out materials. In order to renew a book, a student must present his current ID card or bring the book to the library. The library reserves the right to place lending restrictions on books in high demand. At the end of each semester a return date is set for all books prior to the clearance/final exam dates. Notices for overdue books will be sent to students on a regular basis via their Northwest email account. Lost books should be reported immediately to the circulation desk librarian. A five dollar fee will be added to the cost of the book to cover processing charges for replacement of the book. Material not returned by clearance will be charged to the student’s account along with processing fees. Material and processing fees will be waived if material is returned by registration the following semester. Material returned by the end of the first month of registration the following semester will be credited for the amount of the material, but processing fees remain. By the second month, the student is responsible for the entire bill. Material must be in good condition to be considered eligible.

Student Privileges
Students may check out a total of five books at one time. No student may check out a book without his current student ID card. The student is responsible for the book until it is returned to the library. Book returns are available for after-hour returns. Fines are not charged for overdue books. Students with overdue books may not be allowed additional checkouts, may be prohibited from taking final exams, and may have their official transcripts held by the college until their record is cleared.

The library has two video collections available. Videos located in the non-fiction collection are for faculty use in the classroom only. Videos in the fiction collection may be checked out for a period of two weeks by all NWCC faculty, staff, and students.

Faculty Privileges
Faculty and staff members are granted an extended loan privilege; however, all books must be returned at the end of each semester. They may be checked out again at the beginning of the next semester. Materials in demand at the circulation desk are subject to recall.

Laptop Use Policy
The Library began a laptop checkout program during the Fall 2007 semester. Laptops can only be checked out during the day by current NWCC students, faculty and staff in good standing with a valid NWCC ID card. Laptops are to be used to search electronic resources, use the Library Catalog, write papers and for other academically related work. Laptops must be used in house and only in designated areas of the Library.
All users are required to follow NWCC policies regarding computer/Internet use and copyright. These policies are the Acceptable Use Policy for Computing and Student Computing Guidelines.

Checkout and Return of Laptops
Current Students, Faculty and Staff with a valid NWCC ID card can check out a laptop from the Circulation Desk. Your NWCC ID card will be retained by the Circulation Desk until the laptop is returned.

Return laptops to the Circulation Desk. Do not return anywhere else or leave in the book return slot.

Use Policies
• Borrowers are required to sign a copy of this policy and agreement each time a laptop is checked out.
• You can use a laptop for 2 hours but it must be returned no later than 4 PM.
• Laptops may not be checked out after 3 PM.
• Laptops are available on a first come, first served basis. They cannot be reserved and there is no “wait list”.
• DO NOT under any circumstances tamper with the hardware or install any software on the laptop. It will be checked when it is turned in.
• The user agrees to handle the laptop carefully and accept responsibility for any damage or loss.

Laptop Features
* Wireless Internet access
* Search Library Catalog and Electronic Resources
* Web browsers: IE
* MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
* Network Printing

Saving your Work
Using an external storage device is highly recommended (i.e. USB flash memory stick). A file can temporarily be stored on the laptop’s desktop, but ALL FILES SAVED WILL BE ERASED when the laptop is shutdown or restarted, even if the computer is accidentally turned off, or the system is forced to reboot due to a hardware or software error! Save or print your work before shutting down. Library personnel cannot retrieve lost files from the laptop.

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Laptops

You are responsible for the full replacement cost of up to $2,000 if the laptop is lost, stolen or damaged. Never leave the laptop unattended.

Getting Help

For help using the laptops, contact the Circulation Desk.

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)
OPAC indexes all books and periodicals held by the three Northwest campuses. All books are accessed under AUTHOR, TITLE, or SUBJECT.

Author entry: The author of a book may be a person or persons, a government agency, an association or an institution.
Title entry: Titles that begin with a, an, or the will be alphabetized using the second word in the title.
Subject entry: The subject indicates what the book is about. By using a subject entry, one can see at a glance the titles of all the books in the library on a given subject.

Information in an entry includes the author of the book, the complete title, date of publication, publishers, place of publication, number of pages, and the tracings (subject headings). The tracings are valuable in helping to find other books on the same subject or on similar subjects. On the upper left-hand corner of the entry is the call number or classification number of the book. This will locate the book on the shelves.

Sample OPAC Entry


Dewey Classification

Reference & Reserve Books
Reference Books
Reference books are sources providing specific answers for information needs. Reference books include encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, gazetteers, and some biographical sets. Reference books may not be checked out, but specific pages can be copied on the library’s copy machine. Students are asked to use reference materials in the reference area only.

Reserve Books
Instructors may place materials on reserve for their students to use in the library. These materials can be checked out at the circulation desk for use in the library only. Students must present their current ID card in order to use these materials.
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The library subscribes to many magazines. Many of these magazines are leisure reading material, while others are academic journals supporting the curriculum taught at Northwest. The library also subscribes to various newspapers, local and national. A limited backfile of newspapers is kept by the library. Electronic access to many newspapers is available through Newspaper Source on the MAGNOLIA website and through Newsstand.

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Electronic Databases
The NWCC Learning Resource Centers subscribe to a variety of databases that are accessed online. Off campus access to these will require a password. Contact your NWCC library for this information.

Click here to go to the database resource page.
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Media Support Lab
The Learning Resource Centers at Northwest Mississippi Community College provide electronic access to a wide variety of materials via the World Wide Web. Computers for student use are located in the learning resource centers and allow access to the Internet, Blackboard and a variety of electronic resources in database and websites. Access is also provided to VHS, DVD and audio resources. In order to use these facilities, a student must present their current Student ID. Staff is available at all times the library is open to assist students.
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