Northwest Mississippi Community College – John Deere Program Information

The provided tool list is for reference only and is not intended to be a defined list.  Please consult with your sponsoring dealer if you plan to purchase John Deere tools.

Tool FAQ’s:

  • Do I have to purchase every tool on the provided list? No, some students start with a smaller set and add on as they progress.
  • Do I have to buy John Deere tools? No, NWCC JD Tech program does not have a strict preference on tool brand.
  • Why am I only allowed a 36 inch wide tool box? Shop space gets very limited when labs are going on.
  • If I do want to purchase John Deere Tools, how should I do it? You need to contact your dealer sponsor. He/she can explain the “Tools for Tech Students” program. Most dealers have their own prescribed tool list.
  • I work at the dealership on weekends. May I take my tools home weekly? Yes, we highly encourage all students to take tools home weekly if they are needed. The instructors will assist with loading if needed.
  • Will my tools be in a secure place? Student tools are locked in the labs daily but are not the responsibility of NWCC or the instructors. It is recommended that all tool boxes have locks.
  • ‘Grandpa’ gave me his old tool box. Is it ok to use it? Yes, it will be perfectly fine but make sure it has plenty of metric tools in it. Metric tools weren’t as common 30 years ago.

Tool List

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