IV Therapy-Clinical Course for the Expanded Role Licensed Practical Nurse – 20 hours

Course Description:  The clinical portion of this course is designed to develop proficiency in IV therapy according to the scope of practice outline in the Mississippi Nursing Practice Law, Rules and Regulations.

Student Performance Outcomes: Students will observe and then demonstrate all skills within the scope of practice as outlined in the Mississippi Board of Nursing Rules and Regulations. The LPN must demonstrate proficiency in each step of each procedure with 3 satisfactory performances of all required procedures.

Pre-requisite:  Satisfactory completion of the IV Therapy Theory course from the Mississippi LPN Association.


  •  Blood sample with vacutainer
  •  Transfer of blood after venipuncture
  • Peripheral IV initiation-continuous infusion and intermittent devices
  • Discontinuation of IV fluids and/or INT
  • Change IV solution and tubing to existing site
  • Administration of pre-mixed medications-piggyback and primary infusions
  • INT flush
  • Calculation of drops per minute for gravity infusions
  • Administration with IV pump technology
  •  Monitor central venous infusions-rate and complications
  •  Change central venous infusion site dressing-Portacath, PICC, subclavian and jugular
  • Proper documentation

Cost: $150

Location: NWCC Nursing Simulation Center, NWCC Nursing Building, 4975 Hwy 51 North, Senatobia, MS

Dates: Saturday, April 8, 2017 9:00 AM-8 PM AND Sunday, April 9, 2017 7:00 AM-6PM.

Registration: Register now to ensure your place- click here





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