Accessing Wireless Network


View pdf guide here.

Look for the towers in the bottom right of your screen.
Then left click on the icon.
Left click on NWCC_Guest.
Next click on connect button.
You will see a password Screen. Type in the password  gorangers

Open your internet browser IE, Firefox, ect…

The user agreement policy page explains the rules and use of NWCC internet. In order to gain access to the internet you
must read and agree to this policy.

Once you have accepted the agreement policy, you can type in the address you wish to browse.
Mac Users Hints
If you do not have the Java app, go to and download it (You will have to do this off campus). If you are not sure if you
have Java, go to “Finder” and in the search window type “Java app”.
You may also need to try resetting Safari: Open Safari click on “Safari”, “Reset Safari”, “Reset everything” and then quit Safari.
Open Safari, click Safari icon, go to “Preferences”, “Privacy”, “Remove all website Data”.

Should you have any questions, please email the Help Desk at or call 662-562-3934.


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