Adult Basic Education

ABE provides instruction in the skill areas of reading, writing, arithmetic, employment skills, and basic science and social studies. Classes feature individualized and group instruction. Many classes use computer-assisted learning. Instruction is conducted in schools, industries and other varied community sites.

GED® Testing

GED testing is now computer based. All dates are available on website.  You will need to create an account in order to view the available dates and locations of testing sites.   This will be your personal account so you will need to secure your login information and verify that the information is correct (SS#, DOB, etc.).   This is where you will schedule your tests.  Each sub-test is $30.00.  You must bring a valid state issued ID in order to take the test.


Service Groups

  • All persons who do not fall under the compulsory school attendance law, in regards to age, and who are no longer enrolled in school
  • Business/Industrial Employees and Community Residents
  • Teacher Aides


  • Teacher Aide Certification
  • Beginning and Intermediate ABE
  • Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced English as a Second Language (ESL)

We Provide

  • Paid instructors
  • Material for class at no cost to student
  • Practice for taking the GED test
  • Individualized lessons to meet student needs
  • Confidential assessment and counseling with student about progress
  • Preparation and testing for teacher aide certification


Vickie Barksdale at 662-560-4211
Betty Cossar at 662-562-3698
Beth Little at 662-562-3485