Quality Enhancement Plan

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is part of Northwest’s decennial accreditation cycle with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. The topic of the 2016 NWCC QEP (entitled Rangers Write!) is improving student writing.

According to results from stakeholder surveys and committee discussions, the one area of desired improvement that rose far above the others was the need to improve student writing. Evidence for this need appeared not only in the qualitative and subjective comments submitted by survey participants but also in the data generated by the College’s Strategic Plan assessment.

Because the goal of the QEP is to improve student writing, the following five Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) will serve as the focus of the plan:

  • SLO #1: Students will write compositions containing a focused thesis developed by a logical sequence of detailed support.
  • SLO #2: Students will appropriately and consistently address the specifics of a chosen rhetorical situation.
  • SLO #3: Students will integrate sources effectively with original writing according to the documentation style specified by the assignment.
  • SLO #4: Students will present final drafts that have been effectively edited to conform to Edited Standard Written English (ESWE).
  • SLO #5: Students will apply the writing process to assigned projects, producing final drafts that show distinctive improvement from initial drafts.

Along with these SLOs, the QEP has the following Program Outcomes (POs):

  • PO #1: Northwest will increase the percentage of students passing English Composition I after passing Developmental English (whether as prerequisite or corequisite).
  • PO #2: Northwest will increase the percentage of students passing English Composition II after passing English Composition I.
    Note: “Passing” is defined as a grade of C or better.

QEPLogoApr2016ColorDue to this focus, the scope of the QEP will center on the First-Year Composition (FYC) sequence: prerequisite or corequisite Developmental English, English Composition I, and English Composition II. Student achievement through the FYC sequence will continue to be tracked and will be used to refine the implementation of the QEP and to judge the overall success of the QEP.

The QEP will achieve the desired outcomes by providing a comprehensive First-Year Composition Program characterized by three key strategies:

  • A Writing Center: a system-wide writing center supporting students through all stages of the writing process
  • Accelerated Learning Program (ALP): a corequisite remediation pathway for students placing in Developmental English
  • Curriculum Alignment: an aligned sequence of composition courses that are firmly founded in current best practices

Because of these strategies, Northwest students will be prepared to meet the writing challenges that they will face in their current and future academic and professional endeavors.

By the end of QEP implementation, student writing will have improved as evidenced by the attainment of the Student Learning Outcomes. In addition, there will be improvement in two key areas of the College’s Strategic Plan assessment: the success rate in English Composition I for students who passed Developmental English and the success rate in English Composition II for students who passed English Composition I.

For more information about the QEP, click here to access the full document.

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