President’s Message: March 18, 2020


Good Morning, Northwest Family,

President's COVID-19 Message
View Dr Heindl’s Video message here.

I had the opportunity to film a brief update video on current college operational plans yesterday in light of the state and national emergency.  The video message may be found on Facebook and Twitter.  The content of that message may be found below:

Dear Northwest family,

Over the past few weeks, our college’s leadership team has closely monitored the impact that COVID-19, the novel Coronavirus, has had on our community, state, nation, and world. Since 1927, our college has served Northwest Mississippi and, although, we have successfully been through events like tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, terrorist attacks, and wars, we have never seen the likes of a pandemic like this.  But like these events I just mentioned, our communities are stepping up and rising to the occasion to meet this challenge at this important time.  I want to take this opportunity to thank our leadership team, our employees and students for staying informed and doing what is necessary to keep our communities safe.  We remain in contact with MS Department of Health, other health officials, emergency managers, as well as other community colleges in the state and region. Northwest is committed to taking all necessary precautions to keep our college community as safe as possible.

Over the last few days, changes have taken place almost hourly.  Mississippi and the nation is in a state of emergency. We are advising our college family to:

  • Stay at home with your family.  Only those employees that are deemed essential are to come to campus at this time.
  • Please limit your exposure to other individuals by following CDC guidelines through social distancing
  • It’s been repeated many times, but wash your hands frequently and practice good hygiene.

At this time we are working hard to resume instruction for all of our students.   Today I can share with you the following:

  • Our goal is that all face to face academic classes will resume in an online delivery format next Monday, March 23.    Our faculty are working from home to translate their course material into online format.  We are working through a number of special issues relating to courses in the fine arts, the sciences, nursing and others and more detailed information will be released in coming days on our Northwest website.
  • Lecture classes for our career and technical students will also resume on March 23.   We know however that daily, hands-on work in lab settings is crucial to the learning process in many programs.   Consistent with safety guidelines issued by the CDC, we are preparing alternative schedules so that students will have an opportunity to complete those experiences.   More information will be available later this week.
  • Many of our students are enrolled in dual enrollment courses in their high schools.  We are working with our school districts to assist and we would ask for students to watch for information from your local school district for these classes.
  • We know that some of our residence hall students need access to their belongings while they are staying home.   Later today the housing staff will post a schedule of times and dates this week when the residence halls will be open for students to claim belongings.

We know that adapting to online courses, and obtaining the internet access necessary to access those courses, is an issue for many of our students.  When we resume Monday we will have staff available to help you with learning online.   We are identifying community resources for you to possibly obtain connectivity or locations you can go for online access.

Throughout the week we will be posting updates on our website, and through social media.  Please check in regularly.   And I ask, in the days and weeks ahead, for your patience as we react to an ever changing situation here in our country.

We have a vision at our college based upon being a college that transforms student lives, enriching our communities, and striving for excellence in our educational programs and services.  Safety and security are hallmarks found in our college’s 4 institutional commitments.  Additionally, our commitments are centered around instructional and student success – making sure that students have a quality and appropriate educational experience that leads to a career.  That is our commitment. We know you chose Northwest as your educational partner.   In these unprecedented times, we will innovate and adapt and do our best to insure that you receive the knowledge and skills needed to achieve your educational goals.  Working together, with patience, honesty, and understanding, we can get through these difficult and challenging times.   Thank you, and God Bless.



Dr. Michael J. Heindl

Telephone 662-562-3227 |

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