Nursing Instructor – Deadline for Application: April 8, 2020

Position: Nursing Instructor


  • Master of Science Degree in Nursing
  • At least one year of clinical experience
  • Teaching experience desirable
  • Unencumbered license to practice in Mississippi
  • Acceptable criminal history background check

Responsible to: Director, Department of Nursing

Under the direction of the Director, in addition to fulfilling the job description in the NWCC policy manual the nursing instructor will:

  1. Plan instruction to achieve program and student learning outcomes.
  2. Organize instruction to take into account individual differences among learners.
  3. Obtain and uses information about the needs and progress of individual learners.
  4. Obtain and uses information about the effectiveness of instruction to revise it when necessary.
  5. Use instructional techniques, methods, and media related to the program and student learning outcomes.
  6. Evaluates student-learning outcomes (SLO) with valid, reliable NCLEX-RN® style test items and maintains test security.
  7. Communicate with learners with civility and respect.
  8. Utilize test statistics to improve reliability and validity of tests, thereby meeting end of program SLO’s and program outcomes.
  9. Demonstrate a varied repertoire of teaching methods.
  10. Reinforce and encourages learner involvement in instruction.
  11. Demonstrate an understanding of the subject being taught.
  12. Organize time, space, materials, and equipment for instruction.
  13. Demonstrate high expectations for learners’ academic performance.
  14. Demonstrate enthusiasm for teaching and learning and the subject being taught.
  15. Help learners develop positive self-concepts.
  16. Manage classroom interactions.
  17. Conduct clinical activities in compliance with accreditation guidelines.
  18. Organize and evaluates clinical experience in cooperation with Course Coordinator.
  19. Evaluate clinical experiences to ensure that learning outcomes are met.
  20. Work cooperatively with faculty and staff to carry out assigned teaching responsibilities.
  21. Attend yearly continuing education offerings and earns CEU’s consistent with requirements of college, professional accreditation, licensing, and /or certification agencies.
  22. Follow a yearly plan for maintaining professional development in area of responsibility.
  23. Keep up to date documentation in Nursing Faculty File and Xitracs.
  24. Maintain clinical requirements of individual agencies including computer training, TCPS and glucose monitor.
  25. Participate in the development, implementation and evaluation of the program of learning.
  26. Project professionalism and a positive image to the students, clinical agencies and community.
  27. Promote and maintains collaborative relationships with community agencies to benefit program outcomes for NWCC Nursing.
  28. Assist with the development of standards for admission, progression and graduation of students.
  29. Provide academic advisement for nursing, pre-nursing, Gen Ed and Pre-BSN students.
  30. Refer to Student Development Center for counseling and/or disability services.
  31. Participate in course and faculty meetings.
  32. Serve on committees of the institution and the Nursing Department.
  33. Participate in college related activities that benefit the college as a whole.
  34. Follow NW policies including maintaining of office hours.
  35. Participate in professional organizations and activities.
  36. Maintain requirements specified by state and national accrediting agencies.
  37. Perform other duties as needed for maintenance, progress and completion of the nursing program.
  38. Serve as temporary course coordinator as needed by the Nursing Department.
  39. Carry out the responsibilities as appropriate according to the duties and responsibilities outlined in the NWCC Faculty Policies and Procedures Manual and Nursing Department policies and procedures manual.
  40. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director.

POSTED: March 18, 2020


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