Coaching and Professional Development Specialist (Grant funded position) – Deadline for Application: Open until filled

POSITION:  Coaching and Professional Development Specialist (Grant funded position)

QUALIFICATIONS:  A Bachelor’s Degree (master’s preferred) from a regionally accredited college or university and three years related work experience in Early Childhood Education or Child Development.  Demonstrated experience in applying technology in creative and relevant ways to improve participant learning.  Knowledge of current best practices in teaching and learning. Ability to work independently, but possess the interpersonal skills necessary to work with teams of various college personnel and other internal or external constituencies to build strong and collaborative relationships.  Advanced organizational skills, including a high level of accuracy and attention to detail.  Incumbent must be able to work well under pressure, prioritize and plan work activities in order to meet multiple deadlines, manage time effectively, and work collaboratively and independently to achieve stated goals. Willingness to work nights and weekends, as necessary, to ensure continuous service delivery to our customers (students, faculty, and colleges). Effective oral and written communication skills, including proficiency in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

RESPONSIBILITIES:     The Coaching and Professional Development Specialist is a full-time position responsible for developing and providing state-of-the-art training and professional development for Early Childhood Academy staff, child care providers, parents, and children.   The Coaching and Professional Development Specialist reports directly to the Vice President of Workforce Solutions and Career-Technical Education with oversight from the Mississippi Community College Board.  The incumbent will collaborate with child care providers to provide technical assistance and services to support continuous improvement to transition to comprehensive centers.  The incumbent must be self-motivated and must exercise sound, independent judgment in a dynamic environment with conflicting priorities requiring a high degree of teamwork, flexibility, discretion, diplomacy, and tact.

Examples of Work:

The following examples are intended only as illustrations of the various tasks performed by the incumbent in this position. These examples are not meant to be exhaustive; they are representative of the general functions of this position.

  1. Incorporate research-based teaching and learning theory in the development of all training and professional development activities.
  2. Develop the Best Practices training program for child care providers to improve skills related to improving student learning, leadership, instructional technology, and safety.
  3. Develop and maintain relevant training resources and materials that support staff, child care providers, parents, and children.
  4. Provide technical assistance, in individualized settings, small groups, and via the web.
  5. Track, report, and maintain records of participation, satisfaction, and other measurements to ensure continuous improvement of programs and services.
  6. Collaborate with area child care providers to ensure children receive high quality educational experiences.
  7. Travel throughout area to provide feedback and support to child care providers regarding classroom performance.
  8. Communicates regularly with the Director of Early Childhood Academy to provide updates and to evaluate program goals and objectives.
  9. Provide regular reports and assistance to childcare providers transitioning to comprehensive center status.
  10. Collaborate with the Mississippi Department of Health, Mississippi Department of Human Services, and other constituents to assist child care providers with meetings and advancing throughout levels of accreditation standards.
  11. Other duties as assigned by the district dean for career, technical and workforce education and Mississippi Community College Board.


POSTED: July 11, 2019


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