Director of Athletics – Deadline for Application: May 17, 2019

POSITION:  Director of Athletics 


  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Health, Physical Education or related field preferred.
  • A Minimum of five years experience in sports, physical education, or recreation at the community college level or above.


  1. Administer a comprehensive intercollegiate athletic program in accordance with the policies of the Mississippi Community and Junior college Athletic Association and the National Junior College Athletic Association;
  1. Supervise full and part-time athletics staff including shared responsibility for employment decisions and full responsibility for training, mentoring, and evaluating coaches and athletics staff;
  1. Along with the president and vice president for academic instruction and college parallel programs assist in all coach evaluations;
  1. Act as liaison in athletic matters with other divisions of the College and in the 11 county district;
  1. Oversee the preparation of budgets for each intercollegiate athletic program;
  1. With the Office of Institutional Advancement actively promote athletic fundraising in the community;
  1. Develop and track all programmatic outcomes in furtherance of the college’s strategic plan;
  1. Approve budget expenditures for each intercollegiate athletic program;
  1. Coordinate the use of college vehicles with athletic personnel and the Vice President of Administration and Finance designee;
  1. Oversee the maintenance of athletic fields and facilities;
  1. Oversee game-day operations;
  1. Coordinate the development of long-term operation strategies and facilities planning;
  1. Coordinate and supervise the various athletic schedules;
  1. Coordinate with the Communications Office, the marketing of all athletic programs among students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community;
  1. Inform the Vice President for Academic Instruction and College Parallel Programs of all day-to-day significant developments in the Athletic Department;
  1. Facilitate all insurance policies and claims with secondary provider;
  1. Supervise the use of the NWCC Athletics purchasing card including all monthly reconciliations.
  1. Compile and maintain all information needed for athletic eligibility, including but not limited to, medical data, releases, transfer waivers, scholarships, and NJCAA letters of intent;
  1. Assist with the discipline of all teams and their respective coaching staffs;
  1. Represent the college at all MACJC state meetings;
  1. Travel to all away football games and the majority of all other athletic away games;
  1. Develop and organize athletic summer camps;
  1. Seek to develop potential expansion in athletic offerings;
  1. Perform other duties that may be assigned.

POSTED:  April 17, 2019


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