Cox endowment earmarked for Northwest science students

The Dr. Ray Cox Endowment has been established by his colleagues in the Natural Sciences Division at Northwest under the leadership of Robin Robison, director of the division.

Cox graduated from high school in Colquitt, Georgia and earned a bachelor’s degree from Berry College and a master’s degree and a doctorate in Biochemistry from Auburn University.

As a part of his research for his doctorate, he worked under the renowned cancer researcher, Dr. Manny Farber, which led Dr. Cox to his own work as a researcher with the Veteran’s Hospital in Memphis until his retirement at age 50.

After leaving the Veteran’s Hospital, Dr. Cox taught for one year at Crichton College in Memphis and then began teaching chemistry at Northwest on the DeSoto campus.

He and his wife, Angela, have two children, Kent, who died four years ago, and Ashleigh.  They are the grandparents of five grandchildren, Caden, Grace, Houston, Nelson, and Kayla.

An avid outdoorsman, he is an expert fisherman and hunter.

“Dr. Cox is regarded with the utmost esteem by everyone, instructors and students alike,” Robison said.

Dr. Michael Heindl, president of Northwest, commended Dr. Cox and the Natural Sciences Division. “It is difficult to put a measure on the accomplishments of the life of Dr. Ray Cox. The names of researchers who toil away in laboratories all across our nation rarely become household names. Yet, the work that Dr. Cox and thousands of others have done have a profound impact on all of us.  In addition, he has been an asset to our students studying chemistry. The Natural Sciences Division is to be commended for recognizing this fine instructor in such a meaningful tribute,” Heindl said.

The Dr. Ray Cox Endowment will be awarded to students pursuing any of the Natural Sciences pathways.

For more information on Foundation scholarships, call 662-560-1112 or visit the college’s website at



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