Lead Plumber – Deadline for Application: To Be Determined



  1. Must have and maintain a Valid Driver’s License
  2. Must have a High School Diploma
  3. Must have four years plumbing experience
  4. Must have ability to climb and work from ladders and lift 75 pounds
  5. Must have and maintain the physical ability, positive attitude and skills to be self directed in the process of manage plumbers helpers, changing work demands, priority, and routines
  6. Must be able to respond to calls on nights and weekends
  7. Demonstrate ability in commercial and multi-unit residential plumbing environment
  8. Ability to interpret architectural/ engineering documents
  9. Receive and maintain certification to for backflow inspection


The Plumbing Shop operates and maintains the college’s plumbing systems to include (but not limited to) such things as: the campus potable water systems, compressed air, natural gas, fire sprinkler, interior fixtures, outside hydrants, sanitary and storm systems, and back-flow prevention devices to meet all current codes, local, and state jurisdiction requirements.

  1. First responder to all plumbing requests and respond to afterhours call backs on nights and weekends
  2. Provide repair and remodel services to all campus plumbing systems as indicated above.
  3. Routine plumbing maintenance and preventative maintenance on all systems listed above Lead assistant plumbers on underground utility repairs and new construction. Help prep work sites, operate sewer machines and water pumps.
  4. Manage and maintain shop equipment
  5. Set and maintain procedures for gas and water emergencies (location of valves, when to evacuate, when to call in other trades, location and use of emergency equipment)
  6. Maintain campus utility maps indicating underground utilities, building shut-offs and other related valves.
  7. Assist department related outside contractors as assigned for utility locates.
  8. Any other duties as assigned

POSTED:  May 15, 2016


STARTING DATE:  July 1, 2017

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