Northwest student-produced film released

    The limited release of a film written and produced by students from Northwest Mississippi Community College, “Here by the Ocean” opened on on Feb. 27 and will run until March 9.
    The film was the collaboration of Garrett Atkinson, a sophomore theatre major from Olive Branch; Ben Evans, a sophomore general college major from Olive Branch; Taylor Conklin, a sophomore history major from Olive Branch and Dalton Sides, a sophomore biomedical engineering major at Mississippi State University.
    There are two trailers for the film that can be found on and one trailer that can be found on Youtube.
    The show features three main characters on one particular day—the day the world ends. The film shows the trials and tribulations these characters go through to find peace by the end of the world.
    The limited release on is free. After March 9, the limited release of the film will be turned off, and the film will be sold on Blu-ray and DVDs, containing the film as well as behind-the-scenes special features and commentaries.
    “The film has a dynamic cast, all from the Northwest Fine Arts building,” Atkinson said. “The main characters are played by Camille Bishop, Joel King, Northwest technical director, and A.J. Cail. Other cast members include Katie Hardeman, Abi Wiggins, Dr. Ken Sipley, Fine Arts division director, and Stanley Spearman.”
    In addition to the film itself, Atkinson, Evans and Taylor are also selling t-shirts to promote their production company, Undertone Pictures.
    The company began in January 2011 when Atkinson and Sides, who had worked together previously, began working with Conklin and Evans. Since that time, they have finished one short film, have another in production, and have finished a music video that features Josiah Jones, a sophomore EMT major and Mr. NWCC- Senatobia.
    The t-shirt sale will end on March 9. To purchase the DVD or Blu-ray of the film or to purchase an Undertone pictures t-shirt, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .