Northwest alum pursues interest in writing fiction

    Northwest Mississippi Community College alumnus Mitchel Grace of Crenshaw has published six books just this year and says there are more coming down the pike.

    The prolific young author, who graduated from Northwest in 2010, says he got interested in writing at around age 14. “I never really thought I could, and this past January, I just sat down and started writing,” Grace said. He describes the first three books, which are known as the “Wrong” series include “Wrong Place,” “Wrong Time” and “Wrong Life,” as CIA thrillers that include action, romance and comedy. The books have the same characters running through them, and one picks up where the other leaves off. “I didn’t plan it that way in the beginning,” Grace said. “It was kind of like a movie running through my head. I just let the story take me where it went.”

    The second set of books he has published are called “Strange Visions: The Beginning,” “Strange Visions: Yesterday’s Sins” and “Strange Visions: False Endings.” Grace describes this series as a mixture of Science Fiction and Crime dramas. The books are set in a school setting. “I tried to do something really different with these stories,” Grace said.

    Grace, who was homeschooled, earned an associate degree in general college at Northwest. He credits Northwest English Instructor Jay Lowery, who teaches on the Oxford campus for helping him hone his writing skills. “He taught me freshman English and gave me a good foundation,” Grace said.
    In addition to writing, he enjoys music and plays piano and guitar. He also enjoys movies. He is the son of Michael and Kelly Grace of Crenshaw. His mother is currently pursuing a nursing degree at Northwest. “My parents are really supportive of me pursuing my writing, and I am grateful for that,” Grace said.

    Grace is currently working on another book in the “Wrong” series that will be a prequel to one of the characters introduced in an earlier book.

    His work is available on Amazon Kindle and can be accessed at It is not yet in print, but Grace says he would not be opposed to a publisher picking it up and putting into book form. He has received some positive feedback on Amazon through comments by readers. He can also be found on Facebook at Mitchel Grace Author and his blog can be found at